Friday, August 29

Construction worker.

JAEGERTECH and more at auction

These 3 images, along with many others are going up for auction to raise money for a great ILM model maker who had a stroke just after his insurance expired, leaving him with a huge medical and care bill.
feel free to donate now or join the auction fun starting Sept 10th!

Monday, August 18

Nuthin' But Mech Site B - Grey Hound Corp

Tham's work is absolutely dynamic and amazing! Check it out!

CDA Demo's

Some demos done for the Concept Design Academy workshop i did a month or so ago.

Initial photobash/sketch to establish the design/direction.
Refined the design in ZBrush with a rough model and painted over in PS.

Front/back refinement/paintover of the rough model.

 Starting to take elements of the rough design and refining them further, here's how i imagined the hands on the long arms to function.