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Friday, November 13

The Bullfrog

All I have is class work right now :(
but at least it's a mech :)
Awesome work on here already!


  1. That works :) Very cool.

    Not everything that goes here needs to be in a finalized state. Rough ideation co-habitates with the spit-polish.

  2. The design and configuration is very unusual, in the best possible way. It's always good to see an unexpected twist on a theme, and it looks like you've pulled it off!

  3. You 2D guys make me crazy with the way you can draw reflections so perfectly. Very nice. Not sure I'm getting how exactly the mechanics work, but it's very cool looking!

  4. Inspiring stuff. But I have to ask, WTF ARE THEY FEEDING YOU AT ART CENTER?!??!?!!?


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