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Saturday, November 14

TX - First Effort


  1. This was my first effort at a design for Terminator 3's "TX" model endo. The brief was to return to the machined-metal-and-chrome look of the original, solid and heavy. I was going for a robot-as-decaying-zombie look, something I keep returning to, as opposed to the walking, fleshless skeleton look of the T-800 series.

    The best part of this is that she has only one eye, the bindi in the center of her forehead - what look like ball bearings here are supposed to be liquid metal, which the script called for her to use as camouflage. I wanted it to bleed out of her eye sockets. That concept didn't make the cut.

  2. Very cool to see the original open mouth and teeth design made it all the way to production. Way cool.

  3. Thanks! Had to fight for that a little... fortunately I had the director on my side.


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