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Monday, December 7

Terminator 3 Aerial Hunter-Killer Prototype


  1. OK, this is kind of cool - in my mind this image hardly counts for this blog, since the design is more flying drone than robot, but since the fiction is that it's supposed to be an autonomous AI-controlled flying terminator, I guess it fits - but the cool part is that somebody in Italy has built a working version! Talk about proof of concept! It flies, but it hasn't killed anybody. Yet. It's also kind of naked. Check it out:

    ©2002 Warner Bros. Pictures

  2. You've read my comments on your Facebook page regarding the video, Peter. No body parts flailing about, no cheers from Lorin.

    It is cool, though.

  3. I don't think a mech necessarily has to be an anthropomorphic robot; flying or swimming craft, AI or human controlled "power assist" suits can easily fit into the category (my humble opinion - although it's a gray area...)


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