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Wednesday, April 28

Convoy Guard Tank

The convoy guard tank is the subject of my Gnomon DVD series on vehicle design

I take you from the script page description to sketching out plausible ideas...
...all the way through final design, orthos' and a final rendering in Photoshop.
then on my blog I began to take it from 2D to 3D in Modo...
work in progress still of the sensor pod
work in progress of the model from above and from the front
In the future the Earth is struck by a large meteorite that throws up a massive dust cloud that covers the earth for 100 years. Flight is rendered useless, so people and supplies are transported from city to city over the large open freeway systems in convoys. These convoys are guarded by low slung fast attack tanks. This is one of those tanks...



  1. Whoa, whoa, whoa. Let's keep the comments constructive, not critical. Thanks.

    Nice stuff Alex. Oh, the focus of the blog is robots ;).

  2. Hey Lorin, Yeah I guess this was borderline 'mech'. I'll post some robot stuff next.
    Ryan, thanks for the warm fuzzies on my first post here. There is a purpose to almost every detail on the tank and a reason for them being the way they are based on the problem that need to be solved. Like the turret is meant to pop up to fire off axis to keep a low profile in speed mode, the tire tread can be used as armor...etc...but I can tell you don't care to know that. I'm sorry you feel the way you do, you are entitled to your opinion though...

  3. Good stuff, though. Look forward to more.

  4. I think the design is really cool, but not sure if it can take much damage though. Anyhow, good stuff, keep it coming.

    Ryan, you talking like alxart is designing your wife or something, chill out man.


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