'Bot stuff

An old 2000 marker and ball point pen sketch...
My Starscream head design for Transformers (originally for megatron)

The 'robot' police officer's mask from JJ's Star Trek,(from pen to screen with every detail)

a really old 1997 Steam Powered 'Ironman' marker sketch

From my Star Wars Visionaries story 'Entrenched' from Darkhorse Comics, All markers!

since my last post was robot 'lite' I figured I'd drop some 'bot stuff up to legitimize my being here :-P
Thanks to Lorin for the invite BTW!


  1. Yeah...this stuff is ok...;)

    Man, 1:1 on the Trek cop. Very cool. Nice variety!

  2. i LOVE the star trek cop face. great design

  3. hohoho... sweet stuff... your a CCS graduate arent you?

  4. Thanks,
    Yep, CCS Transportation Design, still a major car guy though...

  5. awesome... i thought i recognized some of your work from the entertainment conference at CCS

  6. Dude...What the hell man!

    Throughout transformers history, Starscream's #1 signature feature was a sinister grin or smirk he wore on his face.

    The head I see there can only frown. Was it too late to make the mouth Starscream-like after the design was shoved onto him from megs?

  7. question for you Max... can you do better??? and do you understand that this was done for the movie meaning that you don't have full artistic control over how something ends up looking like. Also, there is indication to there being that grin/smirk your talking about. Just take a closer look at the design and you'll see it. Enough said and I'll even post up with my real name because I'm not scared to post to the point of having to post behind an anonymous profile with only a single name. Sorry if this annoys any other readers but when I saw his comment, I couldn't help myself.

  8. It's passionate opinions like Max and Ngianhormua that make this blog worthwhile. It's legitimizing the work the artists are posting. Thanks guys!

    To play devil's advocate, Ngianhormua does have a valid point (especially when it comes to Michael Bay). The concept designer is at the whim of the director's aesthetic vision. The price you pay for working on a movie like this.

  9. Nope. I've been squinting and gazing into that thing's head for years ever since I saw it in 2007. It in fact is NOT capable of smirking at all. Look at the mouth. It's stuck in a /\ shape. You can't get a smirk out of that.

    The head looks PERFECT for a Decepticon grunt, but it's NOT Starcream by any stretch of the imagination. Of course I don't doubt it was probably Michael Bay's foolish decision to shove this design on Starscream, but it doesn't fit

  10. its not just the mouth that indicates the starscream smirk, its also the that negative shape that the actual mouth sits in that indicates towards that smirk.

  11. Wait so he's always smirking AND frowning at the same time? No that doesn't work at all! He's gotta be able to emote single emotions in any given scene.

    That head design is AWESOME but it's not Starscrean at all

  12. Like i said, its just an indication to the old Starscreams smirk. That doesn't mean its a smirk. Also, megatron isn't megatron if you want to use that notion of this not being Starscream. Just because its new doesn't mean it can't be a representation of the old. You also have to understand that all of the decepticons in the transformers movie franchise have a more alien look to them compared to the original cartoons where they looked more humanoid.

  13. Guys, I'm loving this debate. I too have a love/hate relationship with the new designs, and as I mentioned before the design decisions came down to what Michael Bay wanted to be represented. Alex had some rules he was confined to on his end. If there's really two parties to be angry with if you're a purest and wanted something similar to the cartoons, blame Bay and Hasbro. :)

  14. No. Indications are not good enough. He has to flat-out BE ABLE to make a full range of facial expressions as all Sarscreams before him have done.

    Megatron isn't Megatron? Really? Because he's ALWAYS different in every cartoon he's in. There was no pattern to follow and thus no "wrong" way to represent the character. But let's take a look at Starscream here...


    Geez that bottom middle picture sure looks out of place! Yet the rest of them all share similar characteristics! In fact if you did the same "grid" with Optimus Prime, Soundwave, or Shockwave, they pattern would flow nicely. Yet the latter 2 are less popular than Starscream! I guess Bay simply hates SS and saw that the character be ruined as badly as possible. Patterns MUST be followed! Especially when less popular characters are getting it! He is NOT Starscream and does NOT deserve to carry that name!

  15. StarscreamF152/04/2011

    I love the design for the cop's face in JJs Star Trek. Its very hard to believe that the same mind/hands that designed that designed the face for what was tacked with the name 'Starscream' in Bay's TF movies. Hasbro and Bay dropped the ball with regards to Starscream in design. For Bay its easy to understand. He has no idea nor does he care about the TF franchise or its fans. Hasbro on the other hand knows that Starscream is one of the top 3 favorite Transformers of all time. Optimus Prime was done right. Megatron and Starscream appeared to have been done by people who had no clue about the characters, and didn't care (piles of welded metal shards/silverware is a popular way to describe how the 'live action' SS and Megs look. I mean really, you cant tell aft from face with either of them at any given time. there is no way those shredded up facial designs can even begin to emote...They look nothing at all how the chars really look. They look, well, hideous). I blame everyone for this. Many, many fans dreamed of a live action Transformer movie for years. Yea we got it.. but what we got -- unless you are an Optimus Prime fan, was nothing but generic B-class alien robots to be blunt. I read in some interview a few years ago that Darth Vader was in mind on that 'face/head' design (that became what they called 'Starscream') but the funny thing is; neither Megatron nor Starscream are anything like that Star Wars character. Again a clear indication that people from the design team all the way to to Bay and Hasbro had no clue with either the subject matter or the fans (which is inexcusable fro Hasbro). Thankfully TF#3 will be out soon and then it can be pushed to the side and a proper reboot can start. That is a topic that seems to be gaining momentum -- least last time I looked around. So yea, kudos for the brilliant JJ Star Trek cop face... score of 0 for the 'starscream' face (and body and everything else that went with that sadly thought out 'redesign'. Thats one piece of work I wouldn't be proud of. BUT as stated by someone else, sure its a great design but, not. for. Starscream. Its a classic 'Con 'grunt' design but not for the Air Commander. It just isnt. And to the one who seems to think anyone who complains /can't/ do better? Keep thinking that, a lot of complainers have already but the 'official' redesign to to curb where it belongs. Besides, one does not have to be able to 'do better' to not like someones work. Get over it.


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