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Saturday, June 19


I just finished my paying gigs, so I decided to finish my Mech.  Hope you all like it.


  1. Love it! It was cool to see your progression too.

    That little dude in front is either in charge of this monster or in very deep Kimchi.

    Question: Is this Photoshop? If so, are you using "Wet Edges" for your brushes? I really like the effect of the strokes (!).

  2. This looks great Eduardo! I'm really digging your color pallete above all else.

  3. This is really cool. It looks so fierce!

  4. Spencer – Yes it’s Photoshop.

    It’s a combination of adjustment layer (Vibrance) & Smart Sharpen. But if you have Lightroom 2 this can be reproduced within the (detail) menu.

    I exaggerated the effect on one file and blend it with the original to gain control on where and how it leads the eye.

  5. Thank you I’m glad you like it…

    sometimes you don’t know if its good enough to show. I will start on my next one soon


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