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Monday, July 19

Thanks Lorin...

First of all, I wanted to thank y'all for allowing me to post here, great great blog, very inspiring. It's been a long while since last time I painted a Mecha, been so busy the last couple of years. Anyone going to Comicon?


  1. Hey! Good stuff as always. Tell David [Levy] to post when you see him. He keeps ignoring my invites ;)

    Work. Yeah, right.

  2. Thanks again Lorin, sorry for being so late to post, I was too busy but it's good to be back painting mechs :-)
    I'll tell David this Wednesday in San Diego then.

  3. HA! He's going to have one of two reactions: he'll laugh, or he'll excuse himself from any present company and go outside to scream and curse my name in frustration.


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