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Saturday, September 18

Peter's part-time bots

thanks to all for inviting me to your blog and great to be part of it. These images are mostly experiments and done in my spare-time. Actually I used Scott's 'Random-Layer-Technique' as described in one of his DVD's. Always surprising what comes out of it. More of that on my blog.


  1. Nice work, Peter. Thanks for dropping in.

  2. my pleasure ;-) looking forward to the next post

  3. Peter, nicely done.
    The first one is really working for me.

  4. Hey Scott, thanks for stopping by. Your work and teaching is a great inspiration to me. Good luck with 'Drive', looks very promising...

  5. I am opening this post and my computer says "Drooiid" - a very appropriate advertisement on my other browser tab:)hot robots as always!


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