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Monday, November 15

More Retro

Inspired by those 80s sci-fi book covers and John Berkey


  1. So, I'll again pretend that these are gigantic robots....

    Good stuff, btw. Berkey was a master. Loved the fact he'd pump sounds of nature into his studio while he painted.

  2. Anonymous11/16/2010

    Awesome images, love the color/atmosphere and almost abstract nature of the designs.

  3. hey nice,
    My bests references Feng Zhu and John Berkey, all in one :)

  4. That's some pretty cool stuff. Every cool.

  5. Berkey's one of those artists I remember coming across when I was just a kid and being endlessly inspired by his art. I can still stare at his work for hours on end, perfectly entranced and lost in wonder...


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