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Tuesday, December 7

Bring enough mech.

Thanks Lorin for the invite to post on the blog. I am very excited to join the mech party. But enough about me... lets get to the business.

H.ARM Suit:


If you are interested, there is a write up on the H.ARM suit, and a tutorial showing how I struggled with 'Warhounds on my personal blog;



  1. Super wicked work, Eliott.
    Thanks to Lorin for inviting you.

  2. Welcome Elliot (as if this was the first time we've talked...). Anywho, my *favorite* part of the battle scene: the slight, bluish flare of the sparks on the minigun.

    Sorry, the robot is secondary to that subtle nuance. :)

  3. love the first one.

  4. Thanks guys for the comments.

    Lorin: What mech?? That whole image as all about the bluish flare.

  5. Eliott, your work is absolutely breath taking. I just went over to your blog and I have to say your finished illustrations are wonderful but the black and white tonal stuff just knocked my socks off. Fantastic work all around man.


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