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Saturday, January 22

Assault Chassis

hey all, time for my first contribution to this blog. this is a concept design for a future military assault mech. the head has two weapons, the upper is a large caliber caseless dual-feed cannon (HE rounds and incendiary), and the lower is a non lethal or special warhead weapon, with p90 style magazine under the chin. the hand held weapon is a fairly large caliber rail gun.


  1. mrjpatrick1/22/2011

    It's... it's beautiful...

    I love this kinda stuff, and for that reason I kinda miss the 80's...

    Wonderful! Hope to see more!

  2. Holy crap, Aaron! It never occurred to me that robots have sleeves!

  3. that's really cool! Better not piss him off when looking at his face...

  4. I love the idea of delicate circuitry covered up by a bulletproof vest/ sleeves. That's a ingenious way to combine soft and hard armor (which is not seen too often in mech designs) while bringing the "human element" to your mech. Really nice work.

  5. One most logical and believable designs ever...
    two thumbs up...

  6. It's classic way to combine soft "bullet proof" jackets and mechs, it was shown many years ago in Patlabor series, than in Appleseed. So it's good to see the respect to good mechs heritage.


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