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Friday, February 4

Is that an F-16 on legs???

So I realise that this is borderline ridiculous, but hey... a boy can dream!

On the MK4 I didn't want to rethink the suit from the ground up; I simply tried to improve on the suits joint articulation, design language, and build materials. I was aiming to illustrate that this is a new more advanced suit.. but still feel familiar to the MK3.


  1. Anonymous2/04/2011

    This... THIS IS SO AMAZING. Do you have a link to the previous one?

  2. What makes this design outrageous and ridiculous is that the low-slung rocket launcher on the left is far too small....

  3. i would buy a toy of that!

  4. Thanx for the comments guys. I think your right Lorin... I should have made it bigger. lol.

  5. Eliott, could you specify all those weapons, what are they? :)

  6. That thing is so ridiculous....and fucking awesome!


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