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Monday, April 4


Probably gonna get banned for sure now by Lorin. Second "mech" has's a mech + ship combo! It can hold an apple and fly at the same time. :P


  1. I love the color palette, i like how dark blues, browns, dark greens and blacks come very nicely together :) Kool compositions. Inspiring post!


  2. You really are walking that ragged edge again, Feng.

    Still, they have arms so this is acceptable :) Love the hue on the second image.

  3. I find it so cool whenever I see colossal ships or mechs or mech-a-ship-whatchamacallits following humans at a humanly pace towards a distant desolate landscape. They would make such epic, exciting 10-hour shots in any movie or game :)

    Not sure about the arms tho.. they kind of look like an afterthought. Then again they are the only things qualifying those ships as "mechs", so I guess they must serve some important functions, even tho they can hardly be seen.

    Great post, lots to learn from! :)


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