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Wednesday, April 20

The MK2.

Latest iteration of the H.ARM suit outfitted with heavy auto cannon and secondary speed loader arm.


  1. wow, your attention to detail is crazy, man!

  2. Just thought I'd say that with all the support the big, big gun has already, a bipod is pretty much redundant, don't you think? Apart from that, it's awesome of course.

  3. Good work! Reminded me capsule trooper of Heinlein. Just one thing, I though about the balance. He has big bonet at the rear and almost nuthing at the front. Back is more heavy than the front and hes legs are almost straight.

  4. Thanks guys for the comments, I am glad that you like it.

    Eddy, I think its debatable on the bi pod. True, that the support arm can hold the weight, but having extra balance never hurt. Besides, a bi pod adds a factor of +10 coolness points to any gun. Just sayin. :P

    Speaking of balance, Roman, the engineers of the suit designed the backpack so that the weight is heaviest near the waist area, (not the shoulders). this keeps the center of gravity low to the ground and at the suits core. If i ever d a back view, you will see that the engine and complex parts are all near the wist, and the top is just exhaust vents and whatnot.


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