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Wednesday, May 11


Class Demo.


  1. I'd let that nurse jab me with that grotesque arm needle thing anytime!

  2. Wow. Simply amazing.

    The "General" clearly has taken 1 too many napalm or phosphorus hits, for its arms and torso have now melded into 1 indiscernible mangled mass, with its primary weapon permanently aimed at its own troops. Fortunately, it is still wearing some sort of cute beret (even though it is not wearing pants), and his head is still relatively unscathed, so I guess it can still identify itself to its troops. A brave leader, no doubt.

    Now, the "Nurse". Wow. Where do I start. 1 look at it and it is obvious that this, is a healer. When it is not busy picking itself up from falling over to the left, I guess it would be giving rectal exams, which is quite apparently what the over-sized appendage was created for, and it does look like it had been used often. The internal gyroscopes must be going into overdrive on this thing. Either that, or that right shoulder must have been created by the densest substance known to mankind.

    Personally, it annoys me when artists slap on arbitrary titles to their work, to give the illusion of a purpose-driven design instead of a 1-second afterthought. However, this is clearly not the case here. The attention to detail, with adequate balance of form and functionality, never ceases to amaze me.

    Once again, marvelous work, with lots to learn from!


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