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Wednesday, May 4

Swamp Troller

Ripped this guy out relatively quick. Trying to get those visceral paint strokes that drew me to McQuarrie's paintings. Sketchbook Pro (started on iPad, continued in Mac, then back to iPad)...

...and for those who love the flare action (more lens flares mean it's futuristic and high-tech)


  1. Awesome Lorin! Very cool mood going on here.

  2. Ah this is too awesome!! Do you use that new Bamboo stylus? What are your thoughts on it cuz I may be wanting one later!

  3. Yeah, the bottom-o-the line Bamboo will do. Nothing fancy.

  4. Hey Lorin, Love your work, great inspiration for a designer in Norway, thanks.Do you use Sketchbook pro a lot?I also use Sketchbook pro, but I wonder if you have any other software to recommend. I use Wacom intous 4 tablet on my Imac, any experience with this tablet?

  5. @Nima - Thanks! Yes, Sketchbook Pro, Photoshop, Art Rage are my primary desktop apps. Procreate, Brushes, Adobe Ideas, Layers, Inspire Pro on the iPad/iPod. I'm a hoarder of sorts of art applications. I usually interchange them because most have a toolset that aren't available on another.

    My favorite tools, though are my analog sketchbook, markers (Copic) and a pen.

  6. Very cool, love the atmo feeling in this. Like the first, sans lens flare, a bit more as I can see a bit of the interior detailing of the machine.


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