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Thursday, June 9

Mech Looking At Ships

Higher resolution version HERE


  1. I like it!
    Oh yes!
    Congrats for your fine works!

  2. great blog!!! love you staff ))))) amazing Mechs here)

  3. Love how the "ships" and the "mechs" are travelling at directions perpendicular to each other. It is as though one could split the top and bottom halves of this into 2 separate paintings and they would still make sense, probably more than it currently does though.

    Mass exodus of people, probably too poor to afford a ticket on those immense ships, walking towards an indeterminate destination escorted by huge "mech"-like entities, which must be trying their best to keep up with the humans. It almost seems like there is some sort of formula or equation to these paintings; I could have sworn there were a few like these just some posts before.

    Also, having learnt foreshortening from Feng's youtube channel, I feel compelled to point out that even though the 3 "mech"s in the painting look like they are supposed to be identical, the ones further away are actually many many times larger than the one in the foreground, when you scale them according to either the grid or the humans at their "feet". However, this is understandable as this is probably yet another class demo i.e a paintover of a student's work, as I doubt a pro like Feng would make a beginner's mistake like that.

    Man, those students really got a lot of catching up to do, if they ever want to achieve Feng's <>!!!


  4. Pardon my ignorance but i wanna learn some perspective. Can CB Foo or someone explain to me the "ships" and the "mechs" travelling at directions perpendicular to each other?

    I don't really understand the 'perpendicular' part. Is it due to multiple point perspective?

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  6. Hi CB Foo, thanks for sharing! Now i get it, it's all about the composition. You are really sharp man! Most of the stuff you mentioned didn't even cross my mind!

    Most people like me just 'wow' only. Thanks a lot & i hope to learn more from you!

  7. Hi Michelle, it's ok to be ignorant, that's why there are schools like FZD!

    When I said the "ships" and the "mechs" are travelling at directions perpendicular to each other, I simply meant the "ships" and the "mechs" are travelling at directions perpendicular to each other. No amount of vanishing points will change that. It is a composition decision from the onset.

    Hope that helped!


  8. I like how everything has a sort of organic design to it, it's all very flowing, if that makes sense.

    Awesome picture !


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