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Saturday, September 10

Borderlands 2

First look at my follow-up robot to my Borderlands mascot, Claptrap. Click the image above to read the Game Informer article and download the wallpaper. Click here to visit the official Borderlands 2 site. Click here to watch the teaser trailer.

This game is going to be pretty sweet. I encourage everyone to buy at a minimum of five copies each...for reasons of my own....

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  1. The games looking pretty sick Lorin! Congrats!

  2. Hey Lorin, I remember this bot! ;) I found the wallpaper! I can't wait for this game--it looks soooo good

  3. Wait until you see them in the game, Miguel. It's pretty sweet.

  4. crap, I better finish Borderlands 1 first. Haven't even got to any of the DLCs yet. Looking forward to B2.

  5. I apologize in advance for the ending.

  6. damn looking good! Who's doing all the weapons? Those look really really awesome!


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