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Thursday, November 24

Dinotopian Strutter

Hey, Lorin, thanks for the invitation to guest-post.
In Dinotopia: The World Beneath (1995), the hero Arthur Denison figures out how to operate one of the mothballed mech dinosaurs called "strutters" that he found in the caves beneath the island. He narrowly escapes from a T. rex, who bites off the ceratopsian head/windshield.
Above is an oil painting I did of the biomorphic machine. Below that is the kit-bashed reference model, made from old Zoids, Japanese robots, and jet fighters.

When we had the Dinotopia project in development at Columbia pictures, Hasbro did a ton of toy prototypes, including this one of Arthur's strutter.
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  1. Glad you're on board, James. Great work as usual.

  2. James, a warm welcome from me too. I am a great fan of your blog.



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