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Saturday, December 31

Woodpunk Warrior

Jointed artists' lay figures were full-sized studio props that painters used to hold their costumes in position. 

But on their own, they have a "wood-punk" quality about them. Armed with crossbows, javelins, and a wood-pellet machine gun, the Carpenter Mech Batallion could take on anybody.

May we all have a great new year, and may we march boldly forward into the 19th century.


  1. That's a really unique concept: an army of wooden soldiers; powered by perpetual motion gears and pistons. Granted, there would have to be just insane numbers to even make a dent in the enemy line, which would also only happen because of sheer exhaustion.

  2. Oh, I love these. I may be, er, 'paying homage' to them in a future painting...


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