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Monday, May 7

A bite of Appleseed fan art

Redesigning someone else's characters, isn't something that I do too often, but while reading Masamune Shirows's Appleseed books I was motivated to give it a try.  I wanted to see if I could redesign Deunan's GUGES Landmate with more of a practical "westerner's approach" with slimmed down proportions and an updated look.

 Here's the original design of her suit-

 In my redesign I lost some of those simple iconic shapes, and so I am not sure how successful the new suit is but people seem to like it, so I guess its worth posting here.


  1. That is pretty sweet Eliott! Very nice!

  2. Lovely!
    However, as much as I like it I do agree with you, some of the iconic shapes were a bit lost.
    Maybe keeping the same values would help, like in the original its shoulder have the same value as its chest, arms have the higher value and so on.

  3. Elliot. This sits well with me.

  4. Shirow's art and comments in his INTRON DEPOT book show in cut-away detail how a GUGES D is built around the rider. Do you have art that shows the operator inside, head to toe?

  5. Interesting, sort of like the bastard child of a Guges and an Ingram Pat labor SWAT Special. Had a brief moment of wtf with the gutting knife, then realized the operated is strapped to the front in the belly.

  6. please please please become a concept artist for games. this is amazing and i would be willing to try anything you start with


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