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Thursday, August 30

A Robot with a Laser

Would you give a high powered portable laser weapon to an advanced combat robot? I did! Humanity be damned.

It's got a couple of tanks of liquid fuel around the torso, which is fed to a bunch of direct chemical to electrical energy fuel cells. The charge is then sent via a super conducting cable to the laser rifle, which has a stabilised emitter array and can laser-tattoo a cock and balls onto the face of an enemy soldier at a range of 15km, or burn a 5cm hole through his head, depending on the settings.

The laser weapon itself is a pulse or burn type, so it can be effective against soft and hard targets. The rear leg is servo driven so the gun can be placed on the ground or suitable surface, and controlled with the detachable interface. The high powered camera sight, in coordination with the stabilised beam emitter means that multiple targets can be tracked and targeted, and all destroyed with the push of a button. I wanted to design a 'functional' laser weapon, that uses the unique properties of beam weapons to its advantage, and looks like a laser, ie: a big cylinder.

You can find these drawings in higher resolutions in the book of this blog!



  1. Got my copy last week and love it! I didn't even realize Beck was in it until I opened it up and saw this. I was already a fan of many of you cats but this was a great bonus!

    I hope you do another one someday!

  2. You've got your work cut out for you in being able to top this design. It's just too good!

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