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Thursday, September 20

Borderlands 2 Work

I'm finally allowed to post my work from Borderlands 2. To see more click here.


  1. AHA!! I suspected for a long time that those yellow enemy bots were your handiwork. And you have just confirmed it. MWHAHAHA. Give this man a prize, I'm on to you sir. I like their proportions and shapes -very industrial and utilitarian. I haven't gotten to them yet in the game, but man-o-man, I can't WAIT to shoot em in the FACE! (sorry).

  2. HA! I predicted your motives. That's why they don't have a face! In yours!

  3. those bottom two are truly stunning. might i ask what you used to draw them? it looks like it was drawn with traditional media but i would assume you used a program like Photoshop? either way, amazing work.

  4. Thanks Ty. The single bot was all in Sketchbook Pro, while the kaki paper on the bottom is pen, marker and a touch of Photoshop. I try to use traditional media as often as possible; it's a dying art, especially in production.

  5. Awesome work Lorin! Love the traditional media -especially the Gyrocopters! You are a beast with markers. Gotta pick those up again!


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