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Sunday, January 6

'Gritty and Real' With Ben


  1. This is just awesome. Do you use base models before you paint or do you do it all from scratch? Regardless this is amazing work!

  2. This was with a ZBrush base model then a paintover, but pretty much everything outside of the head and neck pistons was done from scratch with military/medical robot photos used for textures details. Shoulder joints were actually a sideview of Apache optics taken out of context then painted over to look like they could (sort of) rotate properly with some floating point shoulder joints in the back to connect and support everything.

    If you are into this please see my co-worker Aaron Becks work for the origin of this aesthetic as i wont be doing much more of this sort of work. He really defined and refined all of the real world tech ideas i am using here to create a 'real' looking robot like the milled aluminum looking forms for body chassis, hexapod stabilizers/pistons, chunky/angular head forms, hexagonal 'stealth' panel breakups, aerials, helicopter vision optics, NO GLOWING LIGHTS. Learned it all from Aaron!


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