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Thursday, January 10


hay all!

long time no posted, well here are some images i did for a story im posting on line at the end of the year called Battle Club. ill posted two chapters at first along with art work to show the character and environments and every month after that post another chapter with more work.

till that time ill be posting poster from the story, luckily! its about mechs so i can posted the images on her ;)

here is the first set of images made in modo and renders in modo with a photo filter applied to it in photo shop =D


  1. Very nice, Robert. Z-Brush?

  2. Thank Lorin no this was all Modo

    1. Thank you,
      The given information is very effective.
      I'l keep update with the same.
      burun estetigi

  3. Very Nice.

    The more I look at face structure, the more I want to see a face that doesn't end in mouth. Something with a dual purpose that isn't so symmetrical on the lower part of the face area. I can't think off hand of a character like that. I'm not up on terms of creating characters to know a word to search with.


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