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Friday, March 8

Nuthin' But Mech Vol.II Artist List

I've posted the list of artists contributing to the latest book. You can find it by clicking the page at the top of the menu bar or by clicking HERE.


  1. My heart is a flutter knowing my first volume will soon have a companion! The list is hot, too! Two questions: 1) Aaron Beck? 2) Release date?

  2. Hi Asa,

    Couldn't get Aaron this time around. He was too busy, so I let him off the hook. We don't have an EXACT date just yet, only that it will be released during the "winter holidays" this year. Maybe November? Don't quote me on that. Keep an eye on the blog and the Design Studio Press pages.

    Thanks for being a fan! We do these books for you (and ourselves, obviously).

    1. The crew you already have on deck is incredible and should make for tons of inspiration! I'm barely out of winter as it is and you've already got me looking forward to the next one!


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