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Tuesday, May 28

Kit Bash Model Step by Step

Kingston here,  this video recorded the process of how i create a kit bash robot 2 years back in Fzd, the video will explain about the junk parts and the tools i use for making those robots. The last part my camera was shaky because i was using my ipad to capture the scale of those robot (sorry)..


Feng have posted some of the photo he took some times ago, I just add in some from my own photos here, I have added some cheap christmas lights inside the models so they can be seen at night. : )

 The big guy, about 80 cm tall, the arms and legs are from bicycle parts. with a torch light.

The first one and the smallest one-This mech was a test subject, Feng asked me to try adding in kitbashing for FZD's course, testing the tools and material for the class. i started searching where can i get cool and cheap junk parts (not modeling kit) , I became the biggest customer for that Junk selling Street :D. 

The heaviest one, a wild guess 20kg, lots of ikea alan keys, bicycle, model kits, tanks...and the coolest part was from Feng's rice cooker..!!! 

Ninja bot- I started to add more lights and wires for light fx and function reading. spend about 2 hours to build this, but i found him the coolest among all of them.

added different types of lights in the kit bash models, the effect was cool.

 set up some light for photo shoot. The background was FZD old school building's classroom.

hope you like the process and make some cool robot by yourself with basically anything. 


  1. Impressive work! Thank you for sharing!

  2. wonderful that this is becoming a legitimate part of the process (again)

  3. Anonymous5/30/2013

    WHOA!! these turned out great! One of those reminds me of CAIN from ROBOCOP 2..AWESOME WORK MAN!


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