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Friday, May 3

Spy shot of new JAEGERTECH

The Nuthin' but Mech Racing Team has been secretly testing the new JAEGERTECH FRS-XX in the blackforest of Germany. Although security is tight the old abandoned circuit spreads over several miles and someone was bound to get in with a camera. Perched atop the pit building a spy took this snap during a pilot download. The FRS-XX (a new version of JAG's award winning FRS-32R) is wrapped in optical camo, so the final forms are a bit hard to read but you can make out the outline of the 2 door hatches signifying that they indeed are going for the  WRMR (World Rally Mech Racing) series this year. No specs or further details yet on the JAEGERTECH blog, but I'm sure they will follow this up with a press release soon.


  1. Love it, great concept and the context is brilliant, makes me want to know more.

  2. Thanks guys! It's been fun. Follow jaegertech blog for more updates soon, and see the full design in Nuthin but mech vol 2!


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