Introduction and kitbash submission

Hello everyone. We'd like to introduce ourselves to this group. This is our first Post. Our names are Moragot Bodharamik and Kelly Christophers. We're both big fans of mechs, monsters, and everything nerdy.

Here are our latest kitbash creations. This is the first time the both of us have attempted to kitbash mechs.

On them are parts ranging from battleships to Pod Racers. Both were crafted and painted by us.

You can find more images, including the building and painting process here

We hope you've enjoyed these and we'll be uploading more creations again soon! It's an honor to be a part of this group.


  1. Anonymous9/05/2013

    WOW!! These Mech TEAM turned out GREAT!!! I like how you get super detailed and then leave areas of rest..

  2. Glad to have you guys!

  3. Awesome! I love the Kitbash, and they meccha are much rapresentative.
    I also realized meccha or vehicles Kitbash!
    This bike starts with a cigarette lighter ....

  4. Great designs and love the colors and the dark background. Good job guys.

  5. Hey guys! Thanks so much, appreciate the positive response! We had so much fun doing these, and we'll be posting our new creations soon!


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