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Tuesday, February 11

First Post! Japanese Industrial bot

Hi everyone and many thanks to Lorin for the invite to post here.

A little introduction as this is my first post, I'm Chris Rosewarne, a freelance concept artist working for the film industry in the UK for 10 years and I currently have the pleasure of scribbling for Marvel on their new project here.

I share an interest with the rest of you here with all things tech, I'm fortunate enough to be around allot industrial equipment at the studios and in the workshops which reflects in my work - CNC milling machines anyone...? :)

So here's my first post, a little Vitally Bulgrov inspired mech scene. Modeled in Sketch Up, rendered in Keyshot, re-lit and background painted/comped in Photoshop.

Hope you like it and there should be more to come!

If you want to see more of my work please check out or follow me here


Yellow & Black = Industrial

Gota love a matte finish with gloss carbon finer! White lab version

Lunchtime doodle....

Sketch Up modeling


  1. This is really great stuff, Chris! Glad to have you on board!

  2. Great work.


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