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Sunday, February 9


I have been really busy at work the last weeks and I hadn't time to post anything...

Now I would like to share with you all the concept work that I did for K3loid.
Finally as you can see in the trailers we work with Greg Broadmore and Aaron Beck,but I did a lot of work until we decide to do it.
Anyway I did a lot '3d concept work' modeling in all the characters giving them the more mechanical credibility as possible...and I think that mixing the great concept work of Aaron and Greg with our obssesion at BLR with machines we create a bunch of robo killah stuff :)

Originally this was a proposal from the team's animator.He suggested to do an assault of a mecha swat team to an illegal mecha labo.
At any moment of the brainstorming meetings other guy of the team suggested to work with the AI box experiment by Eliezer Yudkowsky to generate a solid background to the project,that moment was when our minds exploded and the project started to become bigger and bigger....
We spent a lot of time doing preproduction work, and finally we decided to contact with Aaron Beck and Greg Broadmore, concept artists at Weta digital.
I did all the characters that you can see in the trailers,and anything more that is unreleased,maybe you'll see soon ;)
At the preproduction process I did a lot of concept designs that unfortunately never were used,here you can see it in chronological order,at the end of this you will travel to the origin of k3loid.
At first,some render tests!

This was our first render test with the texture work finished,we were astonished and we had the knoledge that we were doing something really massive!!

I always love to do design work and we were all in the same tune for the poster of the project.....this was our first and final strike!

many mecha work without any direction at early prerproduction stage

At any point I suggest to the team to check Nuthin' But Mech(maybe some of you know about it ;)...), a blog that I love with a lot of stuff of mecha in 2d and 3d.We decided to contact with Greg Broadmore about an sketch of a robot for use it at the Laboratory in our assault.
I did this concept based in Greg's sketch to create a mecha robot table with a lot of stuff on it. 

This was another strike of create something like a Tachikoma but in my own way.
This guy was developed to be a bodyguard at the illegal labo.It has a lot of wheels to change it in a quick movement response form.

This was another attempt to try something really different with other style,with octopuss hands and feet.

This was a crazy premise,all the arms can change in position at the body,and as you can check,arms and legs are exactly the same.The idea was that it can change of shape and create crazy animations,but we think about the rigging nightmare and was discarded.
The head of this one was done by the lead of the team,JJ,that is also the director of all the project.

the bombproof mecha shape that you must try always :)

I draw this while we are seriously trying to contact with Aaron beck about his Gunhead design.

Maybe this is really out of the K3loid background look,but I love it.A mix between an hammer head shark, goat legs,strange shape and a lot of synthetic muscles and joints,one of my favourites!!

This are my early concepts for the villain, something kind of underskin mecha.

this looks more like a classic terrorist,because at the beginning we talk about an undercover human kind mecha

This was my last concept to the villain,based in one of the sketches that Greg Broadmore did.

Another sketch pack for a shop assistant that appeared in a finally never used part of the story.

This was the final that we decided as winner,I finally did the 3D model of this,but we never used it :(

This was my Mecha Swat tank proposal.
I love to mix wheels and classic tank chain traction and I think that in this case works really fine!


  1. The truth comes out....

  2. 'Keloid' is one of the most badass-goosebumps-inducing sequence of shots I have ever seen! This better become a feature length movie!!

  3. Hahahahaha.....better out than in,right?


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