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Saturday, March 1

Robot Malfunction! By Chris Rosewarne

Hi everyone!

My second post here and I've enjoyed making medical/lab robots this week, trying to find out what I can achieve with SketchUp and Keyshot, the results are pretty good right out of the can but I always want to create some sort of narrative and paint it into a scene and end up taking the render into Photoshop to paint up the background.... I found a good HDRI of an auditorium that had the right feel to it, quite utilitarian with a sickish green light that felt medical, I was going to do a slick clean robot but couldn't resist going down the horror path with it so decided to paint it malfunctioning in the middle of the operation. I've ended up with three keyframes as the malfunctioning gets  progressively worse, a touch morbid but I hope you like it! 

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