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Sunday, April 13

CIWS Sentry Gun

Hi everyone!!

My latest post, enjoyed modeling and designing this one.... There's something about the heavy industrial construction of the Navy CIWS systems (Close-in weapon system) that made me want to design one of my own, and why have one gun when you can have four! This was modeled in SketchUp, rendered in Keyshot and painted into a scene in Photoshop

You can follow me here, cheers!

Matte black product shot

Barrel details

Navy option

Desert Option

Night vision shot

Original SketchUp Model


  1. Okay, is the iridescent effect on the barrels a texture option that I don't know about in Keyshot or did you do that in PS? I talked with Daniel Simon about the same with the windshields on his vehicle renders and he does it with masks in PS.

    1. Hi Lorin, that's an modified photo texture, warped and distorted into position then erasing the excess... you can do this keyshot but you have way more control in PS. I love the patina and distress on big industrial machines, brings them to life... :)

    2. Figured. Looks great.


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