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Monday, April 21

Stay Tuned

Stay tuned!

CGHUB suddenly dying off without warning or explanation caught most of us off guard and was a huge blow to the artistic community as the site provided a pretty unmatched service for the industry. There are currently lots of cg websites available to the community but Team Shakuro keeps getting comments expecting it to return with a project that would be similar to CGHUB or even better.

With this unexpected event happening the top artists in the industry has joined forces with team Sharkuro to plan a new site where the last one left off. Team Shakuro will create a new site redesigning all the best parts of CGHUB and leaving out the ones that didn’t work. Team Shakuro has the expertise and tech knowledge to create and run the site we all want and need but with even better features and functionality.

We already have received support and confirmation from most of the CGHUB team (mods, admins, staff etc) that ran the community side so the experience should remain consistent and the site will grow naturally from where CGHUB left off.

CGHUB owners controlled 100% of the site, and ultimately when the owners said it was over the developer had no say or control in what happened. The new site will be set up in such a way that it will be partly owned by the developer, the community and potential investors so this way it cannot possibly get shut down and die without warning like CGHUB did.

Based on the past experiences we have all seen rises and falls of different communities, most recently with CGHUB, it is clear that having a community run by one person just doesn’t work. It has to be run by the community for the community, this is the direction this new site will take. The developer will be the engine in the ship and the community will decide which direction it goes. This way we will have a good chance to make something special happen. Everything will be laid out in the open and will be as transparent as possible.

So in the next 2-3 weeks with the support of the community, Team Shakuro will launch a Kickstarter campaign to fund the new website and take it into the future knowing it will be in good hands. A network and community that we will all have a part in creating and shaping.

More info very soon!

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