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Thursday, May 1

Military Drone

I had the urge to make a robot for a scene involving a long corridor, strip lighting and reflections, I didn't know what it would be, just that it would make you feel a bit trapped and claustrophobic to look at it, I didn't want it to look like it was chasing you, only that it would ominously make its way towards you... no where to run..... So I started off with a quick sketch then jumped into PS, kit bashing some military equipment together to create new shapes, I came up with this 'V' shaped collar and tapered panelling in the sketch so I was keen to keep it, from here it was just a matter of making sense of what was connecting everything. I spent about two days in SketchUp with this one, I'm slowly building a library of parts and panelling that I can re-use to save time on the detailing and allow me to just concentrate on the shape and design, I knew it was going to me mostly back-lit so I wanted the silhouette to be interesting and strong.... I was looking at F-35 jets for the surface stealth panelling and colours and carried that over into the Keyshot renders, using a photo backplate and an HDRI that would be a close lighting match I came up with this scene, the blood and bullet holes were added to try and create a dramatic narrative - did the robot do that, or is it investigating...? I'll leave that to you to decide.

Hope you like it and you can follow me here

Belly detail

 Initial rough
 PS concept
SketchUp model


  1. I love the fact you put this much thought into a back story. Glad to see that there are others out there who share this sentiment when designing.

  2. Thanks Lorin, glad you appreciated it, a touch of narrative makes developing the visual more interesting for me, suddenly the thing has a "personality".... I actually have an earlier version that I may post, went way too "Michael Bay" with it though, lens flares, hot sparks dialled all the way up! :D

  3. Hey now, no need to badmouth Michael. I actually think there wasn't enough party-favors. If I don't succumb to seizure by looking at it is my personal gauge for lens flares and sparkles.


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