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Thursday, October 9

Marauder Film lineup

Our good friend Bastiaan Koch has two engaging projects in production. With his experience as a filmmaker and 3D artist extraordinaire at Industrial Light and Magic, both are guaranteed to have a unique visual flare and engaging narratives. Click on the images to follow the production process of both films.

Bastiaan has enlisted the help of Nuthin' But Mech artists: Aaron Beck, Al Brady, Chris Bonura, Carlo Arellano, Vlad Ciuban and (very briefly) Lorin Wood, in the design and visualization of both worlds.

Is This Heaven?

Jack, a soldier in a future war, finds love in the after-life only to be revived, causing him to jump back into the fight ever harder, seeking death


Follow The Camera
Turning the found-footage concept on its ear, an attack on San Francisco sets off a mystery that's unraveled by following various types of media.

 Final mix at Skywalker Sound

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