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Tuesday, March 3

Robot Envy: Zenith Kickstarter!

45 Days. 60 amazing artists. One book to rule them all! Robot Envy: Zenith will feature a collection of the finest robot art in the world. If you love robots and sci-fi, this is coolest book you can ever possibly own. Period. We want to own it too, which is why we are making it. Check it out!

The book itself is an impressive 8.5 x 11 (portrait orientation), hardcover, 192 page (final count tbd), high-quality, full-color art book. The interior pages will beautifully display all of the amazing artwork in vivid detail. It is perfect for your coffee table and will melt your face off! (You might want to keep a mop or something nearby.)

We have collected artists, illustrators, and sculptors from all over the planet into one giant robot volume! Each artist brings their unique style and personality to light up the pages of Zenith. This volume will feature the most inspiring artists today, like Boris Bakliza, Brian Despain, Dacosta!, EmersonTung, Eric Joyner, Jakub Rozalski, Joeri Lefevre, and Kallamity just to name a few! (See we weren’t lying about face melting!)

Prior to this, the journey of Robot Envy began with the release of a simple specialty sketchbook by artist davpunk. What originally launched as a Kickstarter project has now grown into an awesome community, connecting robot artists worldwide! Robot Envy is a community of artists, built by artists, for fans to celebrate robot art! We have curated the best artwork and artists known to man, and bring them to you in Robot Envy: Zenith.

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