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Wednesday, May 6

Big Bad World of Concept Art

Breaking into the video game industry is no small feat, and aspiring artists can use all the help that they can get to successfully navigate their way into one of today’s most exciting creative fields. Geared toward the high school and college students who want to work as video game concept artists, THE BIG BAD WORLD OF CONCEPT ART FOR VIDEO GAMES: An Insider’s Guide for Students offers an honest, informative, and entertaining look at what it takes to do just that. 

Accomplished concept artist and seasoned educator Eliott Lilly is the ideal guide to help students on their journey from finding the right school and how to get the most out of their education, to preparing their portfolios to land their first jobs. In addition, renowned concept artists—David Levy, Sparth, Stephan Martiniere, Ben Mauro, and Farzad Varahramyan—share their own DOs and DON’Ts to making a career in the video game industry a reality.

Filled with Lilly’s personal student and professional artwork—used as a learning tool as well as visual candy for readers—the book features his firsthand experiences in the industry, important lessons learned, and valuable tips and how-tos he picked up along way, all delivered in a straightforward and upbeat tone. After reading this book, young artists will be equipped with the know-how and attitude required to face all the ups and downs of the video game industry.

Other topics covered:
·         What a concept artist really does: misconceptions debunked
·         The harsh realities of the industry explained
·         How to develop a strong work ethic
·         Things to do before graduation to secure a job

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