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Tuesday, December 22

Fantasy in the Wild: Painting Concept Art on Location With James Gurney

I don't want to beat a dead horse here (this will, after all, be the third post about this video tutorial by Spectrum Grand Master and Nuthin' But Mech Vol. 2 contributor, James Gurney), but after he sent me a copy I had to throw in my own two cents. So, let the flogging continue!

The tutorial is a straightforward insight to James' technique he's employed successfully over the years in creating vibrant, rich worlds out of the ordinary one around him. It's a testament to his incredible imagination. 

The other half that is mesmerizing is his continued gasp on analog tools. His mastery over the traditional media is wonderful, and if you are not excited about breaking out the easel and running to a picturesque, rustic New England township to paint floating cars at magic hour, then there is definitely something wrong with you. Seriously, I'm looking at plane tickets right now....

The video is a visual feast, not only to see the end result, but the journey along the way is equally, if not more impressive and educational. I highly recommend this tutorial for anyone who wants to master and refine their craft as an artist and "immaginator" (going to trademark that word).

For more on James:


  1. Thanks, Lorin for helping me flog the horse (poor thing). Love the screen captures you got.

  2. It's a stuffed animal. This is a cruelty-free blog.

    I had many more, but I felt there needed to be SOME surprises for the people that buy the video.


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