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Monday, July 9

Advanced Design Workshop with Luigi Memola

After Singapore 2015 and Turin (Italy) 2016, now we have reached the third appointment with the Advance Design Workshop London 2018.

A project born from an idea of Luigi Memola, in partnership with McNeel Rhinoceros Europa, and Luxion Keyshot USA.

In the five hour seminar, Luigi will explain the creative process that he uses in the daily development of his work: an overview of the steps that lead from the identification of the concept (research and sketching), the development (3d modelling), to the creation of high-quality images for the communication of the idea itself (digital rendering).

This process finds application in the sectors of transportation, mecha, product, visual and concept design, but also in the field of fashion or architecture.

Luigi will illustrate how and when he uses the digital tools available and will explain the "behind the scenes" and break down of personal projects coming from his archive.

Exclusively for the participants, Luigi will unveil especially the creative process of his new unpublished extreme racing vehicle: The AEG27 Desmotronic!

The event is open to all professionals and students. Refreshment break around 3.00pm. No equipment is needed.

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