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Friday, January 18

Welcome to Chris Glenn!

Chris is a freelance designer and illustrator for the film/animation industry in Los Angeles. Visit his portfolio to see more of his personal and professional work.

You can also follow his Instagram feed!

Welcome Shane Baxley!

Shane is a prolific film designer who reaches out into other facets of the design field: fashion, product, and modeling. Visit his portfolio to see the breadth of his work!

You can also follow him on Instagram.

As I was drawing this guy up @shyftdesign and I kept laughing as we thought there was no way he’d be able to hold his own against Blitzwing. That being said, their fight scene was epic! Maciej Kuciara did some awesome keyframes and ILM killed it! Bee owned Blitz!

Dropkick car mode, these were illustrations done exploring paint, ride heights, lights, non-functioning intakes, etc for the AMC Javelin. Originally I meant for the black to be matte but ended up gloss in the film Bumblebee.

My final Dropkick single changer illustration based on the 1973 AMC Javelin done at Paramount under rockstar Production Designer Sean Haworth.

Thursday, December 20

Avenger's Infinity War

From Phil Saunders and Josh Nizzi (Josh's Artstation page)

Welcome to Adam Dewhirst and Scott Denton!

Adam Dewhirst was lead modeler at The Mill NY with artist Scott Denton on the recent commercial for the VR edition of the game Borderlands 2. I was impressed with the results on a personal level as they fully realized my concepts for the robots and various other background vehicles that I designed for the game. Their collective work (as well as the other talent at the studio produced) is truly exceptional!

Adam's film work prior to joining the Mill includes such projects as Guardians of the Galaxy, Maleficent, The Dark Knight, Clash of the Titans, and World War Z, to name a few. Scott comes from a  robust and highly nuanced commercial background.

final TV Spot

Welcome to Aaron Limonick!

Aaron has been a lead concept artist at Naughty Dog studios...well, seemingly forever. He has been involved in the Uncharted franchise as well as Last of Us. His range of style and genre covers the entire spectrum, but here are some samples of his tech-savvy skills.

To see more of his work, visit his Artstation page and follow him on Instagram and Facebook for frequent updates and classes.

Homage to Syd Mead